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Designs Made To Suite Your Industry

Made To Suite Your Industry

This website was designed and developed for a company that specialises in fitting blinds for all windows, doors and outdoor requirements.  Notice how the entire style of the website suits the product offering. The main slider on the home page was specifically split into a 3 column view with various product images in each of them so as to resemble vertical blinds.  Whilst browsing the site you will also notice further attention to detail that ties in with the industry such as small icons and slight animations that depict the shape and movement of popular types of blinds.  This is a great example of what InnoDesign specialises in - custom designs that are made to be unique and built with the aim of engaging users.

Whichever Device You Fancy

Device You Fancy

InnoDesign websites are built to be completely responsive from the outset.  The layout adjusts itself gracefully from large high definition desktop monitors right down to a small iphone or android smart phone in your pocket.  Our websites are as easy to use on mobile touch devices as it is on desktop computers, purely because we always endeavour to build websites that will engage users to its full potential no matter which device they favour to use.
We build all kinds of fancy functionality that keeps user experience simple and seamless.  Horizontal menu bars at the top of the page will eventually colapse into a single icon that slides a menu out from the side (as seen in the image to the right) and grid layouts will line up into one vertical column on smaller, narrower screens - these are but a few examples, why not give us a call to discuss your project further?

Whichever Device You Fancy