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A Website To Engage Holidaymakers

Website To Engage Holidaymakers

Easy Escapes is a unique holiday product that allows members to enjoy almost all of the benefits of holiday points ownership, but without the upfront capital purchase.  The client required a complete redevelopment of their previous website in order to modernise the look and feel of the website and upgrade to the latest technologies - such as the website needing to be completely mobile responsive. A lot of emphasis was placed on the look and feel of the client's new online presence to draw its audience in and entice users to engage with the product.  A lot of visuals that tie in with the overall colour scheme gives the entire website a "vacation feel", which was a important objective in the initial brief.


Managing the Resorts Available

the Resorts Available

The client's product offering and services includes a range of resorts to choose from and this needs to be managed and maintained on a regular basis. Our development team built a custom module for this to be managed via the website's Content Management System (CMS).  A very user-friendly module that allows the client to create resorts on the website which typically consists of images and information on each resort.


Managing the Resorts Available