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The Brief

AKA The Micro-website... Whether you are an Artist and in need of a professional online Bio, or a start-up company wanting to have some sort of a digital foot-print to get your Brand out there, this amazing single page, micro-website is the way to go. In addition to the customized look and feel of the micro-website, you will also have the ability to change or edit the text content using your very own Page Content Module in your CMS...

AUD $ 999

The Enterprise

AKA The Starter Pack... You can have up to 10 custom pages with this package - Perfect for an established company looking to redesign or upgrade their existing online brand. With the built in Page Content Module the administration will be able to edit the text and images on the conventional layout. That is a lot of control capability coming from one module on a CMS!

AUD $ 1'899
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The News Hub

AKA The Bloggers Website... This is the perfect package for an established, or even an up-and-coming blogger who wants a completely unique look and feel to their website. Not only will it have a Page Content Module in the CMS, but there will also be a Blog Module for easy blog posting capabilities (and don't forget the awesome pictures to go with your posts!). If up to 12 pages of awesome isn't enough for you, we will also give you the option to integrate two social media feeds onto the custom website, like Facebook or Twitter (they can have their own place and everything!)

AUD $ 2'199

The Corporate

AKA The Serious one... The full on CMS website! Besides the amazing Page Content and Blog Modules in the CMS, there is: The products/services module to show off your products or offered services. Next there is the Testimonials Module where you can upload some well-deserved customer compliments. Then there is the Gallery/Staff Module from where you can upload all your staff photos to show the internet who makes the company's wheels go round. To top it all off, we are going to throw in the Social Media Integration option for up to 3 Social Media profiles that can be shown on any or all 15 pages of the website. What do you think of that?

AUD $ 3'199
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Custom Web CMS (Content Management System)


Epicdev ® has been developing the EpiCMS since 2012. This Epic Content Management System has been refined over the past 4 years and has evolved into a stable and secure platform allowing users to control their website content in a user-friendly manner. EpiCMS is a bespoke system developed with PHP & MySQL. The PHP coding language is fast becoming the web's standard thanks to its robust qualities. EpiCMS is a Modular CMS, meaning each feature is a separate entity to the base system and this allows you to simply plug and play new modules (features) as required, without having to rebuild the base system. The CMS is highly scalable and can cater for a single website with one administrator or act as a central control system for multiple systems and even desktop and mobile applications with thousands of users.

Mobile Responsive Website


We here at Inno Design are passionate about making our websites as appealing as possible. So, having a mobile responsive website is one of the key ingredients to keeping the user (someone viewing your website) happy. We ensure that each website, hand coded by us, has the ability to transform itself to fit on any screen size it needs to. Whether your user is viewing your website on their smartphone, tablet or PC, it will always look good! No zooming, no left or right scrolling and no content lost! We wouldn't want your potential customers or readers to wonder "How quickly can I get off this website? It's too much work!" If you want statistics, roughly 81% of Australians use a smartphone now in 2016 to search the web. It is a lot easier to whip out a smartphone than a desktop computer to search the web for something. So, with the added benefit of having a Mobile Responsive Website, you can ensure that your users are having the best possible User-eXperience (UX) while touring your website.

Mobile Responsive Website